Art print sizes

We currently have a selection of three different art print sizes. Starting from our smallest A4 size, A3 and lastly the Maxi option. If you are struggling to figure out the right size art print, take a look at our sizing guide below or visit our gallery wall for further inspiration. Alternatively, feel free to contact us with any art print sizing questions and we will be more than happy to advise.

  • A4 Example

  • A3 Example

  • Maxi Example

  • A4 size art print

    The travel theme collection offers some lovely vibrant art prints which can work well in living rooms and hallways. This is an example of our A4 size art print.

  • A3 size art print

    This is an example of one of our monochrome art print options displayed in A3 sizing. This image is displayed nicely in a bedroom setting.

  • Maxi size art print

    Maxi prints are our largest size option and this racing car example is a nice option for a little boys room or potentially an office.

Room size vs Art Print size

Let's talk size. Finding the best size art prints for your space can depend on a few things - if the space is quite sizeable, you don't want a pea-sized picture in the middle of your wall. At the opposite end of the spectrum, if your room is a bit on the small side, you may want to avoid using enormous art prints that might dominate. We recommend that you carefully consider the areas you are looking to decorate, and measure the space where you envisage your beautiful new pictures will be displayed.

Gallery Walls vs Art Print size

Gallery walls are cool. Everyone knows that. Curate your own gallery using two or three of the same size art prints placed next to each other, or display an array of different sized art prints on a wall to create an exciting visual feature in your room. Using lots of the same size prints will create a more uniform, manicured effect, whereas using various size art prints will give a more unusual, higgledy-piggledy aesthetic. We love them equally.

Frames vs Art Print size

Your choice of frame and mount can also help your art prints to pop, or to nestle quietly into their surroundings. Keep in mind that your frame can dominate your art prints - some people like to have a thinner frame without a mount for larger prints, and some people prefer a wide mount around the picture for smaller art prints. Really, it is all down to personal preference. If you have a question about what size picture might be best suited to your room, or what type of frame might work with the art prints you have in mind, please get in touch - we are here to help!